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Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

·        Full payment is required upon confirmation of purchase.

·        Goods sold and collected are not returnable or exchangeable.

·        Same day collection is not available. Online order must be made 3 days in advance.

·        No amendment is allowed for order placement between confirmation and collection / delivery.

·        May contain allergens. May contain non-edible, sharp edged and / or choking decorative components.

·        Refer to product labelling for storage temperature and handling method.

·        Temperature fluctuations may affect the quality and shelf life as it does not contain any added preservatives. Lavender is not responsible for mold growth or spoilage due to post-purchase temperature and handling abuse.

·        In the event when there is no receiver at delivery destination, order will be returned to our HQ and subjected to redelivery fees.

·        Due to perishable nature of our products, full payment will be forfeited and goods will be disposed if not collected within 2 days.

·        Product must be checked and shall deemed accepted if no queries are raised immediately upon delivery.

·        Receiver is wholly responsible for checking order specifications of the cake received (including provisions of knives, candles, and decorations) are correct and in good condition. Subsequent disputes regarding product specification will not be entertained.

·        Terms & conditions subject to change without prior notice.